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On 28, mei 2013 | | In | By lastmoment

Webdesign: Dik juwelier

Dik Juwelier bestaat al ruim 22 jaar en is gevestigd in Amsterdam Oud Zuid. Zij hebben ruime ervaring in de verkoop van exclusieve horloges en sieraden. Ook voor het taxeren van sieraden en horloges bent u bij Dik Juwelier aan het juiste adres.

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By lastmoment

On 23, mei 2013 | | In | By lastmoment

Webdesign: TIJS. advocatuur

Een jong kantoor uit Nijmegen dat gespecialiseerde juridische dienstverlening biedt tegen een zeer concurrerend tarief.

Bekijk de website:

By lastmoment

On 05, apr 2013 | | In | By lastmoment

Webdesign: Amsterdam Luggage Service

After more then 10 years of experience with our short stay services (rental of appartments) we saw the need to develop the first personal luggage service in Amsterdam. Because if there is one thing that everyone dreads when on holiday in a city is having to drag a suitcase around. Even for the most dedicated of travelers being stuck with your luggage can present a real problem. Lees meer…

By lastmoment

On 21, mrt 2013 | | In | By lastmoment

Webdesign: 024 events

024events is het nieuwste en meest veelzijdige evenementenbureau in Nijmegen. 024events heeft zich gespecialiseerd in het ontwikkelen van unieke concepten voor unieke opdrachtgevers.

Bekijk de website hier!

By lastmoment

On 14, feb 2013 | | In | By lastmoment

Webdesign: Atlas Tax Lawyers

Atlas Tax Lawyers is an independent tax boutique located in Amsterdam. By restricting our practice to tax, we can provide the skills and commitment demanded by our clients. With our solid expertise and background, combined with an in-depth knowledge of the market, we offer reliable and tailor-made solutions for national and multinational companies.

Bekijk de website hier!

By lastmoment

On 06, feb 2013 | | In | By lastmoment

Webdesign: Hap Soetendaal

Sinds 1 januari 2013 is huisartsenpraktijk Soetendaal overgenomen door huisarts Mackay. Het team bestaat verder uit huisartsen Goedhart en Kint en doktersassistenten Anita Meijer en Simone Reedeker.

Bekijk website hier!

By lastmoment

On 17, jan 2013 | | In | By lastmoment

Webdesign: Cortijo c&c

Cortijo c&c is the ideal place for a successful business retreat. It is conveniently located 65 km from Malaga Airport (45 minutes).
Cortijo c&c is not a traditional hotel. It is a house, where you and your guests will feel at home and come closer together. Everything in cortijo c&c has been designed to offer simple luxury, with a local touch.

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By lastmoment

On 12, jan 2012 | | In | By lastmoment

Webdesign: FueraDentro

FueraDentro is a Dutch furniture design house that creates contemporary outdoor furniture which is also suitable for indoor use. FueraDentro translates as  “outside, inside” in Spanish and is the inspiration for all of the furniture collections designed and manufactured by the company. Established for over 10 years, the head office is situated along the iconic Prinsengracht canal in Amsterdam.


By lastmoment

On 25, jul 2012 | | In | By lastmoment

Webdesign: Débora Mangabeira

A marca Débora Mangabeira foi fundada em 2010, logo após os 5 anos em que a estilista viveu em Milão, onde formou-se em Fashion Design pelo “Istituto Marangoni” e especializou-se em modelagem pelo “Istituto Burgo di Moda”.

Lees meer…

By lastmoment

On 09, jul 2012 | | In | By lastmoment

Webdesign: Wiersma Mensonides

Wiersma Mensonides combines the high-quality resources of a big firm with the enthusiasm and excellent communication of a compact team. Our goal is to render quick and to-the-point advice, and – when necessary – to take all required procedural actions to safeguard our clients’ interests.