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We support run rickshaw run! You too?

On 28, mrt 2012 | | In Nieuws | By lastmoment

Two flying Dutchmen, two dudes from Aussieland, one undercover Brit and a random lost Frenchie. One could never have guessed that this combination would create a winning team going for gold; but the Rickshaw Run 2012 had better be prepared for RUN RICKSHAW RUN!

Arriving in Cochin, India in the early hours of April 4th our adventure begins. With a few days to get prepped, everything builds up to the launch, April 8th. From then on it’s all systems go all the way up to Shillong. Only just over 3000km as the crow flies, but well past 4500km as our rickshaws roll. Just thirteen days is all we have to get to the finish line, crossing all types of terrain incredible India has on offer.

For everyone sitting at home driving their normal vehicles; this is where you can follow us, sponsor us, support us, high five us and send us virtual hugs and kisses. All money we raise will be going to our charity of choice: Children Walking Tall. We’ll update the website as often as we can of course, but most of our time will be spent stuck in Indian traffic or somewhere alongside the road examining the engine.

For more information and a donation go to

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